4. Consent collection in User Login

When integrated with the register/login flow, the eConsents can be requested to the user on the login or registration, if they haven’t previously given their consent options for the website they are logging/registering in, or when the consent is about to expire. The option to request the consents on the registration or login flow is […]

3. Opt-in Types – Single vs Double Opt-in

Single opt-in If the consent definition is not set as a double opt-in on the backoffice configuration, then these consent data capture will be automatically defined as single opt-in. In this case the consent process will have the following flow: The consent will be presented in a matrix to the user as per the definition/header/lines […]

2. Consent Data Management

User consent data access At any time, the user can unsubscribe his/her consent communications that were given before. When a user unsubscribe his/her consent preferences, all previous selections are set as opt-outs and no more communication will be sent to the user. Also when a user unsubscribe consent preferences, these opt-outs are also synchronized with […]

1. HCP-Consent Overview

Cognipharma HCP-Consent allows clients to collect and centralize eConsents and integrate them with CRM and email marketing platforms. Each client has their own “Tenant” where all the client websites are configured. The client eConsents are linked to this tenant and will be the same for all the client websites. This means that the consent is […]

3. End-user data management

Website access and Personal Data Sharing consent All end-user personal data is managed by Cognipharma according to its Privacy Policy and the HCP-ID service Terms of Use, in combination with specific Terms and Conditions accepted by each end-user on their first access to one of the websites using the service. Ultimately, end-users (the HCPs) are […]

2. Registration and User Identity Validation

4 main processes – all separate – exist when a website uses HCP-ID to Authenticate and Authorize access to its users. RegistrationHCP-ID Profile creation (which can happen in the scope or not of a given website) Identity VerificationHCP-ID Profile validation, where Cognipharma will validate the user’s data in multiple ways to verify his/her identity AuthenticationLogin […]