HCP Engagement

Optimize your omnichannel strategy,
improve your marketing and sales KPIs,
and create high-value, targeted 
with healthcare professionals.

Excel in Omnichannel HCP Engagement

Cognipharma’s HCP Engagement Platform gives you the building pieces to quickly execute your omnichannel strategy, where field teams are complemented by your digital channels, with best of breed components that improve your customer’s experience.

Improve your Omnichannel KPIs

Increase your Rep Triggered Emails open rates, and improve your omnichannel KPIs, with deep personalization of content and channel interactions with Healthcare Professionals.

Match channel data to your key messages and differentiators, to get a real picture of the themes that trigger your HCP's interest.

View your customer's journey across channels, get insights on their preferences, and understand what is the right timing and theme to re-engage.

Register and Validate HCPs, in realtime

Provide single sign on across all your channels, and get your HCPs identity validated in realtime against public databases or your CRM to provide them immediate access to your content.

Never lose another engagement with HCPs stuck in hard to use or non-compliant login screens.

Optimize Consent & Preferences Management

Integrate consent management in all opportunities where you're providing value back to your customer.

Progressively capture channel and content preferences, to ensure you communicate with your customers according to their preferences.

How does it fit your scenario?

Let’s schedule a quick call to understand your requirements, give you ideas on where you can easily obtain immediate value, and craft a demo to show you how easy it is to create a great HCP experience that gives you immediate insights!

Deploy in Days

Adoption designed so you can rollout your initiatives in days, not months.

Improve your customer's experience by removing one roadblock at a time.

Your data, Your platforms

Integrated with your CRM (Veeva, IQVIA OCE, Salesforce, or custom) so you're always in charge of your customer data.

All HCP touchpoints are yours to analyze, segment, and build upon.