HCP Identity
and Registration

Most HCPs get stuck logging in, while trying to access medical-restricted content.

We help you overcome this, while ensuring compliance.

Cognipharma HCP-ID and Registration

Easily plugged into all portals, landing pages, event registration forms, websites, and anywhere you’d like to provide easy access to content restricted to healthcare professionals.

Realtime ID Validation

New HCP registrations are validated against public databases in realtime, obtaining access to the content they’re looking for immediately.

Stop losing HCPs as your webinar is starting, or when they’re really interested in accessing your content.

One user, one password

Just like when using “Sign in with Apple or Google”, HCPs have a single account that grants them access to all your websites.

One less roadblock in the way to seeing your content

Single sign-on across all sites
Data sharing consent built-in
Who owns the login data?

You do! Consent to share personal data with you is requested during log in.


Full control over your users

You have access to a powerful back office, to define which Users you’d like to allow access to your portals o apps.

Allow specific countries, exclude some healthcare professions, or automate an invitation-only, manual authorization process.

Support distinct countries
Whitelist users for temporary access
Blacklist competitors
Define registration fields and rules
Want it on your platforms?

Reach out and we can set it up on your event website, HCP portal, or any other digital property.

Your brand, your platforms

Reuse the brand guidelines and themes of existing websites, for a seamless experience.

Easily embed and integrate the registration process in any website, with minimal or no coding.

Our team, or your preferred agency, will help you setup a quick and smooth integration into your portals and apps.

Progressive rollout

You pay based on the number of HCPs that register on your sites... not the full list of HCPs with whom you may never engage with!

Cognipharma HCP Engagement Platform

View how an integrated Customer Experience Platform helps you improve your omnichannel strategy, and reach healthcare professionals with the content and channels of their preference.