HCP Engagement Platform – Terms of Use

Table of Contents

1. Who we are

Cognipharma, Lda (“Cognipharma” or “We”) is a Portuguese company, with its registered office in Alcabideche, at Rua do Vale, n.º 22, Almoinhas Velhas, 2755 – 208 Alcabideche, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of under the single resgistration and VAT number  514141344,, that provides registration and authentication services to Pharma Companies/Life Sciences Organizations.

Cognipharma is the owner of HCP Platform, an authentication portal used to ensure secure relationships between Pharma Companies/Life Sciences Organizations and healthcare professionals, which restricts access to websites of said Companies/Organizations to professionals registered in the HCP Platform.

2. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to define the terms and conditions under which Users (as defined below) may access and use registration and authentication services provided by Cognipharma’s HCP Engagement Platform as well as the rights of Users in respect of Personal Data collected and processed by Cognipharma.

3. Definitions

In these Terms of Use, the terms and expressions indicated below shall have the following meanings:

Personal DataMeans any information relating to Users that enavles his/her identification directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the person (v.g. professional information).
ClientPharma Companies and Life Sciences Organizations using HCP Platform authentication services to grant Users access to their websites.
UserNatural person, who is an healthcare or life sciences professional registered in HCP Platform.
HCP PlatformCognipharma’s authentication portal with url: www.[completar]
Third PartyAny natural or legal person who is not a User, a Client or Cognipharma.

4. Registration and User Identity Validation

Users must take the following steps to create an account for authentication through HCP Platform:

4.1. HCP – ID Profile Creation

User will be asked to fill out the registration form available on the HCP Platform (or in Client’s website when the form is embedded). Mandatory information is indicated by means of an asterisk (*) and specific error messages. If the mandatory information is not provided, the User will be unable to continue with the next step of the registration process. Users must ensure that the information provided for HCP Platform profile creation is true, accurate and complete

Registration process shall be complete after express acceptance of these Terms of Use.

Users shall promptly inform Cognipharma of any modification of their professional status or professional situation that impacts or is likely to impact the access rights granted by HCP Platform.

User’s HCP Platform login information (identifier and password) is strictly personal and may not be used by any Third Party.

User undertakes to immediately inform Cognipharma in case of loss or theft of User’s HCP Platform’s Login information.

4.2. HCP-ID Profile Validation

Cognipharma may, at its own discretion, verify whether User meets all necessary conditions to create a profile in HCP Platform and shall independently check the accuracy of the information provided by the User.

In case the validation process is successful, User shall receive a confirmation code or link sent by email. The email is sent to the address used for profile registration, which uniquely identifies HCP Platform’s account.

The code/link is valid for 7 days. It has no effect once it has been used.

After validation, User will be able to access and use HCP Platform.

4.3. Authentication

User shall register and login in Client’s website and expressly accept its terms and conditions.

Authentication does not grant immediate access to Client’s website only allowing Client to check whether User is duly registered in HCP Platform.


4.4. Authorization

The access to a Client’s website depends on the verification by Cognipharma that User meets all relevant and mandatory requirements as defined by Client as well as on the acceptance of any applicable terms of use in respect to the specific web site.

Client’s web site access rules are defined by Clients at their sole discretion and therefore Cognipharma may not be held responsible for any User’s inability to access any website of a Client.

5. HCP Profile account Deactivation

Cognipharma reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to deactivate a HCP Platform profile, including without limitation, upon the occurrence of the following events:

(i) The User has provided Cognipharma with inaccurate or false information;

(ii) Change to the User’s professional status that no longer entitles the User to use HCP Platform;

(iii) Access to HCP Platform by a Third Party using Client’s profile account;

(iv) Fraudulent or unlawful use of the HCP Platform or Client’s website by Client.

Cognipharma shall not be liable or responsible for any content or services provided on or through Client’s websites.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1. Personal Data collected

We collect the following Personal Data:

  • Direct Identifiers: name, user ID, username, account number, unique personal identifier, IP address, email address, phone number, address  and other similar contact information
  • Usage data: browsing history, clickstream data, search history, access logs and other usage data and information regarding User’s interaction with HCP Platform and/or Client’s websites, and marketing emails.
  • Professional information: professional or employment-related information, such as credentials, employer(s) and position(s), title and business contact information.
  • Inferences: inferences drawn from personal information that we collect to create a profile reflecting an User’s preferences or other characteristics.
  • Geolocation data: precise location information about a User or a device.

6.2. Purposes of use.

Personal Data collected may be used for the following purposes:

  • Providing our services and related support
  • Analyzing and improving our services
  • Communicating with Users
  • Personalizing content and experiences
  • Marketing and promotional purposes
  • Securing and protecting our assets and rights
  • Complying with legal obligations

6.3. Data processor

Cognipharma will be responsible for collecting and processing Personal Data provided by the User when creating a profile and using HCP Platform services.

Cognipharma undertakes to process User’s Personal Data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner, and to take all reasonable measures to protect the Users’ Personal Data and to prevent User’s personal information from being altered, damaged or transferred to unauthorized Third Parties.

Cognipharma shall not be liable for Personal Data collection and processing in Client’s websites.

6.4. Users’ Right s regarding Personal Data

According to the applicable Law, User has the following rights with regard to Personal Data collected and processed by Cognipharma:

  • Right of access: Users may access Personal Data processed by Cognipharma.
  • Right of rectification: Users may request Cognipharma to rectify any incorrect information. This includes the right to have incomplete information completed, taking into account the purpose of the processing.
  • Right to erasure: Users may request Cognipharma to erase their Personal Data.
  • Right to restrict processing: Users may request Cognipharma to restrict the processing of their Personal Data, if (i) the Data is inaccurate, (ii) the processing is unlawful, (iii) you need us to retain the information after the retention period for a legal claim, or (iv) you have objected to the processing and a verification of our legitimate interests is pending.
  • Right to data portability: User may request Cognipharma to provide the User with an electronic file of your information, or to transfer your personal data to a third party if such is technically feasible.

6.5. Transfer of Personal Data

Cognipharma has databases in different countries, some of which are operated by Third Parties on behalf of Cognipharma (such as cloud or hosting providers). We may transfer User’s Personal Data to one of Cognipharma’s databases outside User’s country of domicile provided such hosts are able to ensure User’s privacy rights in accordance with EU legislation and this privacy policy.

Cognipharma may also disclose or transfer User’s Personal Data to Clients to enable Clients to market their products and services to the User directly.

For more information regarding Cognipharma’s privacy policy, please check our Privacy Statement.

6.6.   Cookies

In order to provide HCP Platform services we use cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are used to store small pieces of information. They are stored on your device when the HCP Platform or Client’s website is loaded on your browser.

We use cookies for statistic and marketing purposes as well as to manage your preferences and to give Users access to the full functionalities of HCP’s Platforms and Client’s websites.

For more information please check our Cookies Policy.

7. Miscelaneous

7.1. Cognipharma shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these Terms of Use, such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to the Portal.

7.2. The non-exercise or the failure to promptly exercise any right under these Terms if Use by Cognipharma may neither be construed as a waiver of such right nor prevent Cognipharma to exercise its right in the future.

7.3. Should any provision of these Terms of Use be held null or invalid, or unenforceable in any way, by a competent authority, this nullity, invalidity, or unenforceability shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms.

7.4. These Terms of Use are governed by Portuguese Law.

7.5. All disputes arising from these Terms of Use shall be settled by the  relevant Portuguese Courts.