3. End-user data management

Website access and Personal Data Sharing consent All end-user personal data is managed by Cognipharma according to its Privacy Policy and the HCP-ID service Terms of Use, in combination with specific Terms and Conditions accepted by each end-user on their first access to one of the websites using the service. Ultimately, end-users (the HCPs) are […]

2. Registration and User Identity Validation

4 main processes – all separate – exist when a website uses HCP-ID to Authenticate and Authorize access to its users. RegistrationHCP-ID Profile creation (which can happen in the scope or not of a given website) Identity VerificationHCP-ID Profile validation, where Cognipharma will validate the user’s data in multiple ways to verify his/her identity AuthenticationLogin […]

1. HCP-ID Overview

The HCP-ID is one of the foundational modules of the Cognipharma HCP Engagement Platform. It can be integrated into any website, allowing it to: Authenticate and Identify specific Healthcare Professionals, having their Medical ID validated against the medical associations public web databases, or custom data sources for identity validation (e.g. your CRM, an uploaded / […]