2. Consent Data Management

User consent data access

At any time, the user can unsubscribe his/her consent communications that were given before. When a user unsubscribe his/her consent preferences, all previous selections are set as opt-outs and no more communication will be sent to the user. Also when a user unsubscribe consent preferences, these opt-outs are also synchronized with the client CRM system and also the unsubscribe and the remotion of the mailing lists will be set on the email marketing platform in case any of these connection exists.

When a user wishes to delete his/her account, as mentioned above on the HCP-ID, all user data will be deleted, and also all the user consent submissions will be deleted from the Cognipharma’s DB and synchronized to the client CRM and email marketing platform in case any of these connections exists.

Client consent data access

On the client backoffice, it is possible to see all user consent submissions given for the corresponding tenant, export these data or manual import user consent submissions.