1. HCP-ID Overview

The HCP-ID is one of the foundational modules of the Cognipharma HCP Engagement Platform.

It can be integrated into any website, allowing it to:

  • Authenticate and Identify specific Healthcare Professionals, having their Medical ID validated against the medical associations public web databases, or custom data sources for identity validation (e.g. your CRM, an uploaded / purchased database)
  • Authorize specific users & roles to your website – Define sets of allowed professions (e.g. only allow Medical Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists to access the website), manually approval and whitelisted access to websites
  • Provide a single identity across multiple HCP targeted websites – Have a single identity / user that is used across multiple websites (yours or from other companies), allowing HCPs to have a single login and manage which websites they can access, and are willing to provide their personal information.
HCP-ID high level overview

The functionality is designed to be easily integrated into any website, with the ability to customize its look and feel for a better user experience and minimize the amount of development required on each website.

All personal information is held under Cognipharma’s cloud service and managed according to the Cognipharma HCP Engagement Platform Terms of Use and Cognipharma’s Privacy Policy.

HCP-ID and End-User Information

Each website that integrates the Cognipharma HCP-ID authorization platform needs to be setup in the administration backoffice. This is accessible via https://cloud.cognipharma.com/manage to users authorized to manage your company’s Website Configurations.

Each Cognipharma customer (a Pharma or Life Sciences organization) has their own “Tenant” which provides isolation of data access across the multiple Cognipharma customers in the cloud. This ensures you’re only allowed to see your own business data & configurations, as well as end-user (HCPs) data that has been explicitly shared with you.

The required information to setup a website is described below:

Website URLThe full website URL, that may be used to validateincoming requests are valid for a given website.
e.g. https://www.acmepro.com
CountryThe target country of the website. e.g. Belgium
Business OwnerThe person & department that owns this property (from a business perspective)
e.g. John Doe, Area Lead, Rare Diseases
OTHER / Technical Integration ParametersThese are defined in the technical documentation